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Swingin’ in Spring 2014

I have to say, I think this is the best event of my year. Yes, I know we are only halfway through it, but it was SUCH an amazing weekend….I left exhausted and thrilled about lindy hop. Why? Great teaching staff, outstanding music, and freaking phenomenal dancers. Boom! This kinda sums up the weekend:   […]

April Artist – Day 11 – Inga Tsernova

April 11, 2014 | Filed Under: Artists
Tagged: draw Inga Tsernova paint Sweden wallpaper

Name: Inga Tsernova City: Stockholm, Sweden A5, gel pens and painted pieces of wallpaper How long have you been doing art: To and from for 6-7 years. I see myself as a hobbyist though, even if I sell some things now and then I am not a proffessional artist, it doesn’t pay my bills. Are you a […]

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