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Februhairy Day 26 – Victory Roll Faux Hawk

Hey short-haired Ladies!!! Here’s one for you!! This is brought to you by Sokolum79 who is a bit of a badass, if you ask me 😀 Feel free to jump ahead to 2:31 if you’re short on time 😀 I decided to include this one because the gals at Wednesday Night Hop down in Mountain […]

Februhairy Day 18 – Fake Bangs (aka Peacock)

Here is one of the hairstyles that I just can’t keep away from! When I am feeling a little edgy, I bust out my peacock. When I’m feeling a little sassy, I bust my peacock out! Need one more reason to rock the peacock? When your hair is dirty, your “bangs” can cover it up!

Februhairy Day 8 – Fan Bun

Woot! Check out this fab tutorial from Yet Another Beauty Site! It’s a quick and easy way to spruce up a ponytail. This is a casual everyday hairstyle that you can vary to your liking. You can make it neat and polished or messy and cute and you can put it up high on the […]

Februhairy Day 7 – Column of Buns

Who doesn’t love buns in a column? HOW TO Divide hair into three sections (top, middle, and bottom). Pull to one side of your head. Twist each section into a bun and pin into place. Repeat. Want another idea using this fabulously simple concept? 😀 Follow the directions above, but create three braids on the […]

Februhairy Day 6 – Sock Bun

Stick a sock in it! That’s what my friends from Portlandia say! 1.  Put your hair up in a ponytail at the crown of your head.  Use a brush to  create a smooth bun, or put your hair up using your fingers to create a messy, textured bun. 2.  Pull your ponytail through the sock […]

Februhairy Day 5 – Side Bun

Side bun FTW!! I found this tutorial on Love Maegan. Here’s what she says about her side bun: This low side bun is one of the easiest and quickest hair styles to create and works perfectly for various occasions. It can go from a messy, bohemian look to a sleek and pretty updo simply depending […]

Februhairy Day 4 – Basic Bun

February 4, 2013 | Filed Under: Hair
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Hey ladies, it’s Monday Bunday!!! You know when you need to do something with your hair but you’re short on time and inspiration? This is the hairstyle for you!! Questions? Leave them in the comment box!

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