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Februhairy Day 26 – Victory Roll Faux Hawk

Hey short-haired Ladies!!! Here’s one for you!! This is brought to you by Sokolum79 who is a bit of a badass, if you ask me 😀 Feel free to jump ahead to 2:31 if you’re short on time 😀 I decided to include this one because the gals at Wednesday Night Hop down in Mountain […]

Februhairy Day 23 – High French Twist Faux Hawk

I must admit, I do Love Maegan and her hairstyles. Here’s something similar that I’ve done with my hair. Slightly different name, but same feel 😀

Februhairy Day 22 – Hair Bow

February 22, 2013 | Filed Under: Hair
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I know I’ve posted this previous years, but I just love it so much!! Beautylish, you done good! Here’s the breakdown on how to get this fabulous updo.  

Februhairy Day 18 – Fake Bangs (aka Peacock)

Here is one of the hairstyles that I just can’t keep away from! When I am feeling a little edgy, I bust out my peacock. When I’m feeling a little sassy, I bust my peacock out! Need one more reason to rock the peacock? When your hair is dirty, your “bangs” can cover it up!

Februhairy Day 17 – Upside-down French Braid

♥ Hey lovelies!! Get ready to hang your head upside down – it’s time to French Braid!!! ♥ If you’re short on time, jump ahead to 1:14 and check out how’s Lela does this. If you need a friendly reminder, click here to see a breakdown of how to french braid. Otherwise, here’s a picture of […]

Februhairy Day 15 – Fishtail Braid

February 15, 2013 | Filed Under: Hair
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Fishtail braid, courtesy from one of my favorite beauty blogs, The Beauty Department. Love it! A quick shout out to the lovely and talented Alicia Vance of Bella Braids for doing my hair! Just check out what she did for me!!

Februhairy Day 7 – Column of Buns

Who doesn’t love buns in a column? HOW TO Divide hair into three sections (top, middle, and bottom). Pull to one side of your head. Twist each section into a bun and pin into place. Repeat. Want another idea using this fabulously simple concept? 😀 Follow the directions above, but create three braids on the […]

Februhairy Day 6 – Sock Bun

Stick a sock in it! That’s what my friends from Portlandia say! 1.  Put your hair up in a ponytail at the crown of your head.  Use a brush to  create a smooth bun, or put your hair up using your fingers to create a messy, textured bun. 2.  Pull your ponytail through the sock […]

Februhairy Day 5 – Side Bun

Side bun FTW!! I found this tutorial on Love Maegan. Here’s what she says about her side bun: This low side bun is one of the easiest and quickest hair styles to create and works perfectly for various occasions. It can go from a messy, bohemian look to a sleek and pretty updo simply depending […]

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