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April Artist – Day 20 – Maruša Barle

Name: Maruša Barle (pron. Maroosha) City: Ljubljana, Slovenia   How long have you been doing art: I »knew« I would become an illustrator at the tender age of seven, but it has been an on and off thing. I started taking first serious classes in nude drawing, anatomy and perspective when I was 17 (in 1999). I […]

April Artist – Day 15 – Amore Hirosuke

April 15, 2014 | Filed Under: Artists
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Name: Amore Hirosuke City: Tokyo, Japan   How long have you been doing art: Since I was a child. As a professional, almost 26years   How long have you been dancing? almost 11years What inspired you to make art: people and old sub culture What is your medium: I use a brush with acrylics when I make line drawings […]

April Artists – Day 5 – Amy Hood

I am very much a creative person; I am always happiest when either drawing, writing, or being crafty with such activities as collage and dressmaking. I also have a keen interest in art history and social history, cinema and theatre. Life without the arts would be very dull indeed! I particularly like illustrating old stories […]

April Artist – Ryan Calloway

When I asked Ryan to describe himself, he said, “I’m a dancer and I play jazz clarinet.” If you know Ryan, you’d recognize what an incredible understatement this is. His bio: Ryan Calloway is a San Francisco-based artist, dancer and musician. These combined interests inform and allow an intimacy with his subject matter: traditional jazz […]

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