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Music Monday – Marching Band’s “And I’ve Never Seen”

Yay Harlem Hot Shots!!! Check them out in this new music video “And I’ve Never Seen” by Marching Band. The official video of “And I’ve Never Seen”, from Marching Band’s new release And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like That EP. Featuring the Harlem Hot Shots. Filmed by Jacob Lind and Anna Johannesson. Edited by Jacob […]

Movie Monday – Dance First (Dansa Först)

Instead of posting a music video this Monday, I thought I should take it one step further and post a movie!! Dance First (Dansa Först) is a feature film made in Sweden and it takes place in the Swedish dance community of lindy hop. It is choreographed by Harlem Hot Shots, David Dalmo from Bounce, and […]

Music Monday – Movits

Yay for lindy hoppers being in music videos!!! Here are some of the top Swedish dancers dancing around, being awesome. Starring: Daniel Heedman, Asa Heedman, and Pontus Persson. DAMMNNN! Did you see those “trenches”? Holy cow those were awesome. Love the white back drop and the black accents.  And doesn’t the piano player sometimes look […]

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