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Februhairy Day 25 – Big Braided Bun

Now that you are able to reverse French braid and have mastered the ways of the sock bun, check this out! Credit: Latest-Hairstyles.com 1. Take a one inch section on top of your part and split into three. This is the start of the Dutch braid (or inside out braid). 2. Cross the right piece […]

Februhairy Day 17 – Upside-down French Braid

♥ Hey lovelies!! Get ready to hang your head upside down – it’s time to French Braid!!! ♥ If you’re short on time, jump ahead to 1:14 and check out how’s Lela does this. If you need a friendly reminder, click here to see a breakdown of how to french braid. Otherwise, here’s a picture of […]

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