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Februhairy Day 18 – Fake Bangs (aka Peacock)

Here is one of the hairstyles that I just can’t keep away from! When I am feeling a little edgy, I bust out my peacock. When I’m feeling a little sassy, I bust my peacock out! Need one more reason to rock the peacock? When your hair is dirty, your “bangs” can cover it up!

Februhairy Day 3 – Princess Hair Poof

February 3, 2013 | Filed Under: Hair
Tagged: fake bangs long hair medium hair princess quick and easy hairdo twist updo

I finally got around to creating my first hair tutorial!!! It boarders on “the most glamorous look the world has ever seen” so I thought I’d share it. The secret? Good eyebrows 😀 The story behind this look is that I was celebrating my birthday yesterday and this is what I ended up looking like. […]

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