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April Artists – Day 24 – Stephen Peaster

I’m a professional ballroom dance instructor, and traditional/digital, I love West and East Coast Swing, Lindy, and many other dances! My art is inspired by all things awesome! Primarily dance and people. Every dance and every dancer has the ability to express so much about the human experience in a language that can’t really be […]

April Artists – Day 8 – Michael Lombardi

April 8, 2014 | Filed Under: Artists
Tagged: Australia digital art Michael Lombardi Perth retro art

Name: Michael Lombardi Location: Melbourne, Australia How long have you been doing art: Since I was little I’d draw my action figures. My retro style started being my regular style in 2009. How long have you been dancing: I took my first class in 2010 in Perth, Australia, I’ve danced regularly since then, apart from […]

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