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The Process

Once upon a time, there was a shortage of Lindy Hop information – a few precious movie clips were sometimes all that Lindy Hoppers had to learn from. But as time passed and more information became available, the biggest challenge became that of processing the current abundance of knowledge. To help modern Lindy Hoppers meet […]

Chase Festival 2016 Clips

Last week, we had the pleasure of teaching at the Chase Festival in Heidelberg, Germany and we had an outstanding time — definitely one of the Top 3 Events of our year. Here’s a quick explanations of what makes this event unique (and awesome): Have you ever dreamed of being able to dance just like the […]

Music Monday – Koop

Dapper men, gorgeous gal, a fabulous set, and a fountain to dance in – why didn’t my weekend look like that?! Like the song? Buy it here! This music video for the song “Come to me” by Koop is directed by Marcus Söderlund and was shot at the Beatelund mansion at Ingarö outside of Stockholm Aug 1-2 2006. The […]

Music Mondays – Caravan Palace Suzy

November 19, 2012 | Filed Under: Music
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Flapper dresses, robots, and top hats; what’s not to love?!! I think my favorite part is when the Robot does the robot at 1:58! “PANIC” – New Album Available : http://bit.ly/Panic_New_Album Find us on facebook : http://www.facebook.com/CaravanPalace

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