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April Artist – Day 19 – Ceth Stifel

I’ve been a visual artist far longer than I’ve been a dancer. Even in study, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In terms of my art relating to lindy hop… in the past year I’ve been doing some poster design for events I’ve either run or […]

Happy Birthday Tommy & Alice!!!

January 26, 2013 | Filed Under: Fashion
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Happy Birthday Tommy & Alice!!!! Some of my favorite pictures of my fashionable friends! xx Alice, you’ve been a fashion icon of mine for quite some time. Not too surprising, it all started when I lived in Montpellier in 2007. I love that you take chances with your style, wear fascinators and bows, and I […]

My Russian Ladies

A few days ago, at the Moscow Christmas Dance Camp, four lovely ladies banded together to strut their stuff! Alice and I first performed this in April 2012, so we were pretty solid on the choreography. A few weeks prior to camp, Alevtina started learning the routine and created formation changes for the group. Two […]

How to Learn Choreo off of Video

It’s that time of year again, when many of the instructors at Lindy Focus are working on choreography either for an evening performance or the grand New Years Eve show. Since I, too, am working on learning choreography, I figured I’d share my process with you. Truth be told, I’d much prefer to learn choreography […]

Performing with Alice

This past weekend at Lindy Shock, I had the pleasure of performing with the lovely and talented Alice Mei. We really could have used more space, but otherwise, it was a rather thrilling experience. After we did our split-to split, I thought I was going to kick her on the next piece of choreography – […]

Sydney Lindy Exchange 2012 + ASDC 2012 Results

Holy wow, Australia was so.much.fun! I feel like Kevin and I have a good time wherever we go, but this last week was a blast! I’ll start at the beginning. Kevin and I take the month of September off so we were pretty well rested before starting this trip. And thank goodness too, because we […]

ILHC 2012 – Personal Review

The International Lindy Hop Championship in Washington, D.C. was an incredibly inspiring, and fun weekend.

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