Rates and Requirements

Our basic requirements are $150 USD/hour/person ($300 USD/hour/couple) with a $1500 USD/person/event ($3000 USD/couple/event) minimum plus transportation, accommodation and meals. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us.


Classes: $150 USD/hour/teacher ($300/hour/couple). We offer a large variety of classes. If you are receiving this information you most likely already know who we are and what specialties we offer.

Payment: We can accept payment in cash, check, paypal or by bank transfer. Payment must be made in US Dollars (unless otherwise agreed upon), with any bank transfer or conversion fees paid by the promoter.

Judging: We charge $25/person/contest. For an additional fee, we are happy to serve as the head judge and/or contest coordinator. If you are interested, please email us for further discussion. We have a lot of experience in this and highly recommend using us to make your event run smoother. It’s also a great way to learn how it’s done. We love teaching and sharing.

Auditions: U$100/person flat fee to take charge, organize, and run auditions. Please provide paper, pens, and how many people you’d like in each group – they’ll do the rest.

Video Notebooks: $40/person flat fee for recording video notebooks outside of class time. This fee does not apply when recorded during class time and we require a copy of the videos/dvds containing these notebooks. They can be mailed to our home upon completion or sent via the internet. We only need one copy for the both of us.

Private Lessons:
$80 USD/hour for one of us to work with 1-2 people
$120 USD/hour for both us to work with 1-4 people.

Performances: When our minimum is meet we are happy to include a demo of our choice (usually a 2-3min performance) We do not consider an 8 x 8 teacher introduction a performance so please count us in! We prefer to perform on Friday night so we can social dance and judge on Saturday. In general, the ­more tasks we are responsible for in the evenings, the less time and energy we have for social dancing with the students. The choice is yours. More numbers require additional performance fees depending on the number, length & costumes. If you are interested, please email us for further discussion.

Air Transportation: All of our flights need to be booked with United Airlines or another Star Alliance member. Flights costs need to be paid at the time of purchase. We are happy to book our own flights provided a reimbursement option is arranged. If the organizer books our flight, the details need to be confirmed by us before final purchase. See below for frequent flyer program, booking details and airport information.

Lodging: As they are not a couple, they ideally need 2 hotel rooms or a 2 bedroom apartment. AirBnb can be an affordable and convenient way of housing us because they usually provide full kitchen facilities, laundry, and wifi. If they are hosted, they need separate, non-smoking rooms with a door that closes for privacy, and it needs to be a real bed (no pull-out beds or air mattresses). Kevin and Jo spend the majority of their life on the road so they love the feeling of home (aka privacy, quiet, warmth, laundry, wifi, etc.). In the event of room sharing, they definitely need separate beds. Lodging located within walking distance to the classes and nightly venues is ideal for all parties; it gives Jo and Kevin a sense of independence and makes transportation logistics easier for everybody. As Jo and Kevin are separate people, all housing needs to come with 2 sets of keys because they are not always on the same schedule.

Meals: Meals should be provided for the duration of the event, as well as any additional time it is required to be in attendance (for example if requested to arrive or leave on certain days). They are meat eaters, but do prefer balanced meals. They do no expect extravagant meals and therefore happy to to work with a meal stipend. When kitchen facilities are available, providing breakfast and snack foods in the apartment makes them feel at home and can be more affordable.
PLEASE NOTE: Kevin is allergic to peanuts and avocados.
PLEASE NOTE: Jo has been on an anti-inflammatory diet and tries to stick to it best as she can. She can eat tots of veggies, fruit, dried fruit, nuts, salmon, sweet potato, chicken, tofu, BROWN rice, beans, lentils, quinoa, boiled eggs, and almond milk.. She tries to stay away from processed foods such as: pasta, white rice, wheat, corn, potato, fried foods, sugar, and milk. If all else fails and it’s hard to find anything else, a chicken/salmon salad or grilled veggies with chicken/salmon seems to be an easily found, quick solution.

Internet – This is not a requirement, but we just want to emphasize how critical wifi internet connection is for our livelihood and comfort. We are constantly on the road and in need of coordinating future gigs via email and staying in touch with our friends and family. When considering hotel and hosting options, please consider the availability of wifi.

Misc. Info

Full Name: Kevin Evans St. Laurent
Seat Preference: AISLE
United –  WJF61757

Full Name: Emily Joy Hoffberg
Seat Preference: WINDOW
United – NFG12417
Delta – 6607409338


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