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April Artist – Day 29 – Zak Timan

I make floating sculpture. Using buoyant materials such as cork, hollow metal forms, and birds’ eggshells, I create compositions that float in clear, oil-filled glass vessels. The compositions’ elements are tethered to the vessel bottom with line or chain, suspending them in liquid space. My sculptures have a relationship with jazz music, although less explicitly […]

April Artists – Day 28 – Emma Robertson

Name: Emma Robertson Location: Auckland, New Zealand How long have you been doing art: I have always loved drawing and painting for as long as I can remember and there is photo evidence from even before then. I lost myself in the inevitable high school panic of “what are you going to be when you grow […]

April Artist – Day 27 – Rayut Siman Tov

April 27, 2014 | Filed Under: Artists
Tagged: Dance Tel Aviv evolution Israel Kevin & Jo Rayut Siman Tov

My motto in life is “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore”, but seeing as I’m stuck here, I might as well dance.” Name: Rayut Siman Tov City: Tel Aviv, Israel How long have you been making art: I’ve been doing art since I was three, but I’ve been payed to do it […]

April Artists – Day 26 – Eva and Dasha

Today is a two part series. Both gals hail from Kiev, Ukraine and are fabulous dancers on The Golden Chestnuts.   Name: Eva City: Kiev, Ukraine Age: 11 How long have you been doing art: all my life How long have you been dancing: For an 1 year  What inspires you to make art: Dancer who […]

April Artists – Day 25 – Andrew D McKay

April 25, 2014 | Filed Under: Artists
Tagged: Andrew D McKay comics digital Mike Mulligan pencil pens Steam-Shovel

Name: Andrew D. McKay Location: Gloucester, MA How long have you been doing art: I have always loved writing and drawing for fun dating back to elementary school when I took it upon myself to write and illustrate a sequel to Mike Mulligan and the Steam-Shovel. Are you a lindy hopper, and if so, how […]

April Artists – Day 24 – Stephen Peaster

I’m a professional ballroom dance instructor, and traditional/digital, I love West and East Coast Swing, Lindy, and many other dances! My art is inspired by all things awesome! Primarily dance and people. Every dance and every dancer has the ability to express so much about the human experience in a language that can’t really be […]

April Artist – Day 23 – Kyle Le

April 23, 2014 | Filed Under: Artists
Tagged: Factory eNova Kevin & Jo Kyle Le laser engraving self-taught wood

When Kyle is not indulging his spirit animal – the sloth – by sleeping the day away, he’s often found playing League of Legends or one of his numerous air guitars. His professional goal is to eventually become the world’s leading Thai Tea Taste Tester, but that is another story. Name: Kyle Le City: Fountain Valley, […]

April Artist – Day 22 – Brendan Regulinski

A visual development artist. Illustrator. Jedi. Lover of beers. What a guy, right?!  My professional philosophy is simple: do good work and be good to work with. As an visual development artist I work hard to be the best at both. I’m a transplanted New Yorker endeavoring to break into the animation industry and perfect […]

April Artist – Day 21 – Chris Clark

Blog Post written by Chris Clark: The making of Stompin’ With Louis, a passion for dancing and painting combined   This painting of Louis Armstrong was actually a commission for my dear friend, and fellow Lindy Hopper, Michelle. She wanted a painting of Louis playing trumpet for a pair of dancers, as if his music […]

April Artist – Day 20 – Maruša Barle

Name: Maruša Barle (pron. Maroosha) City: Ljubljana, Slovenia   How long have you been doing art: I »knew« I would become an illustrator at the tender age of seven, but it has been an on and off thing. I started taking first serious classes in nude drawing, anatomy and perspective when I was 17 (in 1999). I […]

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