The Process

Once upon a time, there was a shortage of Lindy Hop information – a few precious movie clips were sometimes all that Lindy Hoppers had to learn from. But as time passed and more information became available, the biggest challenge became that of processing the current abundance of knowledge. To help modern Lindy Hoppers meet this challenge, Richmond hosts an annual educational event – The Process – dedicated to answering the question “What is the process guiding Lindy Hoppers to rapid improvement?” The Process addresses this question from both a dancer and an instructor perspective, with tracks for social dancers and teachers seeking to improve both the quality and quantity of dancing in their local scenes.  What makes The Process unique among Lindy Hop events is that it does not focus on content, but rather on the process of learning, teaching, and performing.


Our Process

We had such a fun time last week!! Not only was the Teacher Lineup fabulous, but the Staff was on top of everything. The event ran smoothly, the nightly music was super sweet, and there was enough dance floor not to be squished!! To top things off, the student body was such a pleasure to work with. We had the opportunity to do some Teacher Training, Lectures, and some good ol’fashion dance classes – huzzah!!



GnGGentleman & Gangsters









Dizzy Birds

Dizzy Birds










Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenaders
available on itunes



Campus Five


Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five, featuring Hilary Alexander









7 DVDs Kevin-Jo

If you are interested in learning more from us, please check out our DVD stash!














We told most of you about this camp and would love to see you cross the border and celebrate North, Central, and South America coming together for the first time in Lindy Hop!!

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