Havin’ a Good Time!

Let’s start with why I had the BEST time at Lindy Focus this year. Yes, the music was out-of-this world amazing (I’m not exaggerating – it was ridiculous!), many of my friends were there, I had some awesome dances, I taught some sweet classes, and I got to perform along side some amazing ladies, but really, it’s because of this:

Feel like you’ve seen me do this somewhere before? Haha, you have indeed. Pat yourself on the back for paying attention to my not-so-suble cues. **buwahahahah Where might you have seen this before? Was it:

a) as a warm-up in a solo jazz class?
b) at San Francisco Lindy Tech (aka SFLT)
c) on Swing Nation
d) all of the above

If you guessed “D”, then you are correct!!

Here are Nicole “Zuckerpunch” and I rocking out before tapping an episode.

“So where on earth did this come from? What the heck is going on” you might be asking yourself. Well darlings, I was inspired by Paul Rudd:

I know, amazing right?!

…..and this guy:

Ever since I saw Paul Rudd on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, I was so inspired that I had to recreate if myself. I think his performance far outshines mine because after all, he’s Paul Rudd and I’m merely a gal with “interpretive backup dancers” and sequined shorts. And no, my dancers had no idea this was about to happen.

So, there you go. That’s the story behind my end of the “Lip Sync Contest” at Lindy Focus 2014.

Before I go, here are the lyrics for you to learn so you, too, can sing along any time you hear this song.

“Don’t Stop Me Now”

Tonight I’m gonna have myself a real good time
I feel alive and the world it’s turning inside out Yeah!
I’m floating around in ecstasy
So don’t stop me now don’t stop me
‘Cause I’m having a good time having a good timeI’m a shooting star leaping through the skies
Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity
I’m a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva
I’m gonna go go go
There’s no stopping meI’m burning through the sky yeah!
Two hundred degrees
That’s why they call me Mister Fahrenheit
I’m trav’ling at the speed of light
I wanna make a supersonic man out of you

Don’t stop me now
I’m having such a good time
I’m having a ball
Don’t stop me now
If you wanna have a good time
Just give me a call

Don’t stop me now (’cause I’m having a good time)
Don’t stop me now (yes I’m having a good time)
I don’t want to stop at all… yeah!

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