ILHC 2014

Last week the International Lindy Hop Championships took place in Washington, DC and, as every year, it was a spectacular turn out of talent. If you have a few hours, you can sift through the videos on youtube that were so quickly posted by Patrick & Natasha. In short, here’s what the two of us were up to:

Our First Place Showcase Division Routine

Todd Yannacone and Laura Glaess came in second with a great routine! I’m really looking forward to seeing what the two of them come up with in the next year 😀
Remy Kouakou Kouame and Vincenzo Fesi came in third with an incredibly handsome jazz routine.

First Place in the Slow Division with Mikey Pedroza!!

What’s amusing about this for me is the backstory. Last year, Mikey and I competed in Slow and took second to Peter and Naomi. Shortly after the results, Mikey told me, “Next year, we are going to win it.” Two weeks before ILHC this year, I came down to SoCal for a wedding and so we scheduled to rehearse. Our rehearsal comprised of us talking for about 10 minutes, dancing to two songs, and working on one move. Tada!! Hahah, I’d barely consider it a rehearsal, but whatever it was, it looks like it paid off.

One final note about our ILHC performance: I feel like this year, as well as last year, Mikey and I lucked out with the song choice. I’d say a number of the competitors, both years, had pretty uninspiring music which makes putting on a great show challenging.

Pro/Am with Tim Korkuk  (Florida):

Pro/Am with Felipe Braga (Brazil):

Both gentlemen worked their butts off to get these pieces ready with me. It was such a pleasure working with them – thanks guys!!!

All in all, I’d say it was a pretty good year. Great job to all the competitor, for Tena/Nina/Silvia for putting on another great event, and for the lindy hop scene supporting it’s people one more year!

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