April Artists – The Focus

Dearest Lindy Hop Scene,

We have some incredibly talented artists, drawers, painters, sculptures, whittlers, and graphic designers in our delightful dance scene and I am honored to have an opportunity to showcase some of their work. For many years, I had been aware that flyers and t-shirts were designed for events, but I never really looked at them, until recently. Perhaps it was my aunt talking to me about her adventures in Urban Sketching, or finding a book of my childhood artwork, or pictures on Instagram featuring jazz musicians, but it inspired me to delve further into the art community within our very scene.

Typically every year I try to do a series of some sort – Februhairy, mainly –  and this year for the month of April, I hope to showcase what other talents lie within the lindy hop scene – and how non-dancer perceive the lindy hop and Charleston –  to share the love of art and creativity, and to highlight beautiful workmanship.

Please feel free to share these posts with your friends, follow these artists on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or the like, and when you really love something, buy some art for your wall so you can appreciate it even harder! I hope at the end of the month you feel inspired, you artistic soul feels satiated, and that you cheer on the people who are documenting our extraordinary dance.

Much love,


April 1, 2014 | Filed Under: Artists

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