April Artist – Day 9 – Edyta Byrska

Her English might not be perfect (whose is these days?), but her work is truly exquisite. Check out what Edyta from Poland is making to show off her love and enthusiasm for lindy hop!!

Name: Edyta Byrska
Location: Warsaw, Poland
How long have you been dancing: I’m dancing for 2 years and I really love it!

byrska - jazz musicians

I’m a jeweler artist and I’m doing it (as my job) for one year, but I’ve been studing it previously for 3 years, so it makes 4 years since I’ve started my adventure with jewelry!           (Above – tie clip of musicians.)
byrska - necklace

I make all kinds of jewelry, but lindy hop themed jewelry recently started to be most popular one 😉      (Above, is a bracelet)

byrska - tie clip

The story of me doing lindy hop jewelry is quite simple: my friends Michał Oblaciński and Kasia Dybowska, who are also my lindy hop teachers, asked me to make a silver prize with their logo for some competition that they organized  (photo above – brooch and tie clip). I’ve made it and everybody loved it so, I’ve made some other staff (photo below – brooch) and so it begins. I’m selling my jewelry on etsy and also on selected lindy hop events. I’m making special awards for jack&jill winners etc.

byrska - pin

Everything I’m making is 100% handmade and designed by me. Those little figures are cut with jeweler saw (traditional jeweler technique) in sterling silver. I really love what I’m doing and and I think about myself as a very lucky person that I can do it as my job. I would like to share my art with all lindy hop community.

byrska - creation
I’m doing jewelry for special orders (for eg.: if somebody wants to have a unique jewelry, he/she can send me a photo of himself/herself dancing or doing anything else and I’m gonna turn it into a jewelry).

email: edytabyrska@gmail.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Byrska-pracownia-bi%C5%BCuterii/615543231792471
blog: edytabyrska.blogspot.com
website: www.edytabyrska.com – coming soon
etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/byrska?ref=search_shop_redirect



Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the Art!


Jo (& Kevin)

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