April Artists – Day 8 – Michael Lombardi

Lombardi dance

Name: Michael Lombardi
Location: Melbourne, Australia

How long have you been doing art: Since I was little I’d draw my action figures. My retro style started being my regular style in 2009.

How long have you been dancing: I took my first class in 2010 in Perth, Australia, I’ve danced regularly since then, apart from on long break in 2012.

Lombardi green

What inspired you to make art: With my style it came from an animation background, wanting to figure out what made styles I liked so appealing and wanting to do my own take on it. At the time of figuring that out I was also becoming more interested in the retro scene and imagery and it all blended together into a style I wanted to stick with.

Lombardi blue

What is your medium: I’ll sketch first, then it’s digital. Although I try to give my work textures that seem organic.

Where you hope to go with your art: Stay employed. Currently I also work as an animator on a television series. Those jobs are always contracts that only last a certain amount of time. I do my art in my spare time. I get occasional commissions but I enjoy it most when I do it for myself.

Lombardi charleston

Are you available to make these for people? Yes, of course.


Kevin and Jo – by Michael Lombardi

Contact info: Facebook  Tumblr  LiveJournal


Lombardi scetch


Perhaps you’ve seen Michael’s work and didn’t know it was his. That actually happens quite a bit. I asked him what he thought about having his art being used without his permission. Here is what he has to say:

I usually don’t know where to begin with talking about my art, I prefer to let it speak for itself.
With the art usage I have a lot of stories about it though. I’ve found it’s mostly just a genuine niavety, people often just find it on google search. I’ve attached some images of some of the strangest places I’ve come across it.

I became aware of it during Herrang 2011. I wasn’t there but a friend came across someone wearing a badge of my art. This guy messaged me saying how the school he attends in Belgium uses it as a logo and they sold hundreds of badges to raise money for charity to build a well in, I think, India. Once I started searching for it there were loads more. I was at Herrang in 2012 and the food cards had my artwork on the back.

Last december a friend in swing found a Korean handbag manufacturer using my art on their handbags (with my name replaced with a fake name). Sometimes there’s funny stuff too. Someone sent me a pic of her friends birthday cake once, which had my artwork  recreated in icing on the cake.

As long as people aren’t trying to profit from my work I usually don’t mind how often it gets used anymore as it spread so far it’s out of my control and people’s intentions usually aren’t to rip me off.


Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the Art!


Jo (& Kevin)

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  1. Samuel says:

    I love illustration and this guy have real talent and good taste for the subject 😉 Above all, it’s a dancer. What more can be say? Thanks!!!!!

  2. Douglas says:

    After seeing many of these designs around the lindy hop scene, it’s good to hear from the actual creator of these pieces. Thanks for spreading the knowledge, I hope Michael gets credited properly in the future, his art is amazing, and people deserve to know it’s his!

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