April Artists – Day 6 – Alana Rose

Name: Alana Rose
Location: I recently moved to Alton, Illinois from LaCygne, Kansas.

Tell us about your art: I have been painting, drawing, photographing, etc for 13 years now and I will be attending Southern Illinois University to study Art Therapy for my Masters this next fall. I’ve always loved art, my passion grew from children’s books and watching my mother and sister paint and draw. I’m hoping to someday have my own studio and gallery space to promote the arts in the community by offering cheap gallery exhibitions for local artists (it’s all so expensive) and lessons given by visiting artists and myself. I also plan on doing Art Therapy either independently or through a clinic/hospital until I can afford to have a gallery.

I’m not a Lindy Hopper. Sadly, my talents definitely do not lie in dancing! But that has actually led me to be more inspired by it. Lindy Hop (the title of my painting) was done as a motion study while I was in undergrad for Painting. I have just a couple others on my account from that series, depicting different dances. Movement has always interested me ranging from regular hand gestures to animals in motion. So, of course, dance is absolutely fascinating to me.I stumbled upon Lindy Hop while I was doing a few of those studies and I watched a ridiculous amount of recordings online of people dancing. It all looked like so much fun and there was so much energy! I couldn’t help but try to paint it. I think the painting works as a study, but I think I need to revisit it someday. I think there is a better way to depict the movement of the dancers to show the full amount of energy.

Commission: I’m able to create prints of these or I have the originals still should anyone be interested. I also regularly take commissions.


email: alana.roseu@gmail.com
website: www.alanaroseu.com
gallery: http://alanaroze.deviantart.com/gallery/30352517


I love how Alana captured the movement of The Hot Chocolate. Hahah, yes tht might seem random, so I’ll explain. Aerials have many names, so lieu of a descriptive name, Kevin and I saw this slide in the clip below and decided that was the quickest way we could reference that particular slide.

The Hot Chocolate can be seen at 1:21

Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the Art!


Jo (& Kevin)

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