April Artists – Day 4 – Jesse Taylor


Name: Jesse Taylor
City: Edmonton, Alberta

How long have you been doing art:  I’ve been drawing stick figures with pencil crayons and sidewalk chalk for pretty much as long as I can remember. That’s the extent of my artistic background though.

Are you a lindy hopper, and if so, how long have you been dancing? Yes an AVID one! I’ve been dancing for just over a year now at the time when I made that statue I had been dancing for about 6 months.

What inspired you to make this piece: Slow period at the welding shop I was working at, tons of free scrap steel, and a love of Lindy.

How did you make it: Tools & Material: Expanded metal, hammer, pliers, angle grinder (grinding discs, zip discs, buffing wheel), MIG Machine (Wire-feed welding machine) MIG wire, die grinder.

1) Cut out 2 pieces of the expanded metal that were 2 “strips wide” the height that I wanted my final piece to be.

2) Hammered the 2 strips so they were beside each other.

3) Found out what the ratio of (my head and torso/overall height) was and welded together an appropriate length to act as my head and torso leaving the rest to be the legs and feet, then ground flush the weld.

4) Cut out 4 pieces of expanded metal that were 1 strip wide.

5) Found the ratio of (my arms and hands/overall height) and cut the pieces to length for the piece.

6) Welded the arms to the torso, ground flush, buffed with buffing wheel.

7) Started shaping the limbs of the piece into roughly the shape that I was going for. Checking that their hands would line up still and double checking that their positions would be correct.

8) Cut out a spare piece of the MIG filler wire, shaped it into the outline of a skirt and tacked it to the follow’s waist.

9) Found a piece of scrap sheet steel, laid out, cut, and removed the sharp edges of what was going to be my base.

10) Welded my friends name onto the top, ground down any high spots, buffed and then drew the smiley face on top and an inscription on the bottom with the die grinder.

11) Positioned my two dancers onto the base, welded their feet in place, made final adjustments to their torso and arms. Welded their hands together.

12) Final touch ups to remove sharp edges was done with the die grinder.

Where you hope to go with your art: I’d like to eventually have more free time to make other dance inspired statues. I currently am entirely to obsessed with dance and dancing, to spare any time to weld. (Why weld when I could be dancing?)

Are you available to make these for people? Probably not. I had free access to all the required tools and materials as well as free time at my job. I’m at a different job now, and while I could probably get access to a welding machine it would probably require a lot of effort on my part to make it happen. That being said if there’s a super adorable reason why you absolutely HAVE to have one for a loved one or something I could probably be convinced into making another one. Oh, I’ll probably also end up making some of these for my dancer friends for their birthdays and such. So come to Edmonton and come dancing with me and you might get one for your birthday!

Contact info: https://www.facebook.com/dancerindisguise

Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the Art!


Jo (& Kevin)

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