April Artists – Day 26 – Eva and Dasha

Today is a two part series. Both gals hail from Kiev, Ukraine and are fabulous dancers on The Golden Chestnuts.


Name: Eva
City: Kiev, Ukraine
Age: 11

Eva - Ukraine

How long have you been doing art: all my life

Eva - Frankie

How long have you been dancing: For an 1 year

Eva - K&J1

 What inspires you to make art: Dancer who want to saw their portrait or pictures and my imagination shows me a very beautiful pictures.

Eva - Jo

What is your medium:  I am drawing with pencil sometimes with paint.

Eva - Jo2

Where you hope to go with your art: Frankly speaking: I’d like to be a dancer not a painter.

Eva - KJ aerial

Anything else you’d like me/the readers to know about your art? I am drawing because I want to be interesting person and I like this occupation.

Eva - moon

Are you available to make these for people? Yes of course

Contact info: Instagram: @eva_archer

Eva - tiger



Name: Dasha
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Age: 12

Dasha Kuzmenko

How long have you been making art: 3 years

Medium: Painting

How long have you been doing lindy hop: Lindy hop for 3 years

Contact: Instagram: darinka_mandarinka333

To get a sense of how fun these gals are, here’s a video of them dancing:

Best of luck girls!! I’m excited to see what lovely ladies you grow into.

Golden Chestnuts

Eva, Golden Chestnut, Dasha, and Valentinka

Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the Art!


Jo (& Kevin)

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  1. Emma says:

    Lovely art girls but I am so impressed with the dancing!! That was so great, makes me wana go and dance right now 🙂

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