April Artists – Day 25 – Andrew D McKay

Andrew - Kevin

Name: Andrew D. McKay
Location: Gloucester, MA

Andrew - gal

How long have you been doing art: I have always loved writing and drawing for fun dating back to elementary school when I took it upon myself to write and illustrate a sequel to Mike Mulligan and the Steam-Shovel.

Andrew - mini dip

Are you a lindy hopper, and if so, how long have you been dancing? I am! I was introduced to Lindy and the Boston swing scene over five years ago and I have been dancing ever since. In fact, I met my amazing fianceé Clara Bolen at Boston Swing Central a little over a year ago.

Andrew - couple

What inspired you to make art: I’ve always loved creating and telling stories. For me, drawing is simply an extension of that impulse to make people laugh, think, or help them feel they aren’t alone.


What is your medium: I work with traditional media (pencil, pens, and markers currently) for the most part, but I am also a big fan of digital (iPad, wacom tablet, and Sketchbook Pro).


Where do you hope to go with your art: I want to make a living writing and illustrating my own stories.


Anything else you’d like me/the readers to know about your art? All of the art I currently share is from one of four projects that I am working on: a journal comic and three fiction projects.

Are you available to make these for people? Sure!

Contact info:
Instagram: andrewdeanmckay
Tumblr: andrewdeanmckay.tumblr.com (This is more of a reference and process blog)

Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the Art!


Jo (& Kevin)

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