April Artists – Day 24 – Stephen Peaster

I’m a professional ballroom dance instructor, and traditional/digital, I love West and East Coast Swing, Lindy, and many other dances! My art is inspired by all things awesome! Primarily dance and people.

Every dance and every dancer has the ability to express so much about the human experience in a language that can’t really be heard as much as seen. I love to try and capture these expressions of Joy, Security, Passion.

Peaster - Hoffberg

Name: Stephen Peaster
City: Tampa, Florida

How long have you been doing art: I’ve been doing Art for the last 9 years and am self-taught.


How long have you been dancing: I am a Lindy Hop dancer and have been dancing around 4 years.

What inspired you to make art: I’m inspired by people, especially people dancing. This is what leads me into creating a lot of my art.

peaster - speed painting
Medium: I work in a lot of different mediums. I’m primarily a digital Artist.

Where you hope to go with your art: I hope to take my art as far as my imagination will let me. I never want to stop.


Anything else you’d like me/the readers to know about your art? My art is breathed out the human experience that never ceases to inspire me. I generally see the world as mysterious, beautiful; full of secretes to uncover. This sense of wonder is the fuel that keeps me living, painting, and dancing.

facebook: www.facebook.com/StephensArt
email: stephen.peaster@yahoo.com

peaster - dr who


Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the Art!


Jo (& Kevin)

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