April Artist – Day 23 – Kyle Le

When Kyle is not indulging his spirit animal – the sloth – by sleeping the day away, he’s often found playing League of Legends or one of his numerous air guitars. His professional goal is to eventually become the world’s leading Thai Tea Taste Tester, but that is another story.

woodwork by Kyle Le.jpg

Name: Kyle Le
City: Fountain Valley, CA

How long have you been doing art: I am self taught and have been doing these laser engravings for about one year.

What inspired you to make this piece: It started out as a birthday gift to one of my teachers. At the time of this creation, I had only been dancing for 4 months and had been working on my swing out for, like, 90% of that time. When my teacher’s birthday came up, I thought to myself, what would best symbolize the relationship we had? Answer? Swing Outs. My dance idols back then (and still to this day!) were Kevin and Jo. So I sought out picture after picture and eventually stumbled upon their iconic image of them on a ledge.  I immediately knew this was the one. Eventually, Jo herself said she wanted one, and I was happy to oblige.

How did you make it: I went to Factory eNova, “the first open to the public laser engraving and laser cutting studio in Orange County, CA.”  I imported the previously linked image into an image editing program and transformed it into silhouettes. Next, it was as easy as placing the wood into the machine and pressing a button telling it, “yes, engrave that picture on the computer to that medium.”

Where you hope to go with your art: At the moment, I don’t see myself pursuing this as anything more than it already is: gifts for special people in my life. But who knows? If more people show interest, I might delve deeper into it and create more intricate things, or use other mediums, like glass, instead of just wood (which is all I’ve been using up until now).

Are you available to make these for people: I am!

Contact info: Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kylemkle

Fun fact: Kyle gave me an engraved woodblock last year (as stated above). I was, and am still, so honored that Kevin and my image was chosen for this project! So cool!! Kyle, again, thank you for sharing your work with us.

Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the Art!


Jo (& Kevin)

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