April Artist – Day 22 – Brendan Regulinski

A visual development artist. Illustrator. Jedi. Lover of beers. What a guy, right?!

Brendan Regulinski - K&J

 My professional philosophy is simple: do good work and be good to work with. As an visual development artist I work hard to be the best at both. I’m a transplanted New Yorker endeavoring to break into the animation industry and perfect my roundhouse kick. The Rolls-Royce of kicks.

Name: Brendan Regulinski
City: NYC for a couple more weeks, but I’m moving to LA the beginning of May!

How long have you been doing art: I’ve been making art for forever. My earliest memory of deciding what I want to be when I grow up was after seeing a photo of Jackson Pollock splattering paint over a canvas on the floor.

How long have you been dancing: I first got into swing and lindy my freshman year of college. I knew no one on campus, and joined the swing club in an effort to make friends. It was an accidentally enlightened decision. I did make many friends, and since have found roommates and jobs through the dance scene. I guess that puts my time as a social dancer at 7-ish years.

What inspired you to make art: My mom is a master costumer and painter. She started off my interest in painting and drawing. But it wasn’t until high school when I discovered the “making of” features on my favorite animated shows and movies that I decided to peruse a career in the arts.

What is your medium: I love traditional media: oil, watercolor and gouache, I draw in ink, pencil, and pastel, but most often my professional and portfolio work is done digitally with Photoshop. Digital Painting, as its called.

Where you hope to go with your art: Funny you should ask now, I’m moving to LA in a few weeks to pursue jobs in the animation industry. I’m looking at preproduction stuff – character design, environment design, and storyboards.

Anything else you’d like me/the readers to know about your art: Few things give me as much pleasure as chasing my art. I view it as a mountain with no summit, and I never intend to stop perfecting my craft and hiking up the mountain.

Are you available to make these for people: I occasionally do commissions. Most of my time is taken up by my own projects, like animated short and web comic, but I happily talk to serious commissioners.

Contact info:
Website: bregulinski.com
Tumblr: brendanillu.tumblr.com
Twitter and Instagram @brendanregs
Webcomic: bearrex.com

Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the Art!


Jo (& Kevin)

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  1. Wow! I’m so happy to be a part of this awesome list of talented artists! What a cool project to spotlight the many artistic facets of the Lindy community. Keep up the good work Kevin and Jo!

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