April Artist – Day 19 – Ceth Stifel

I’ve been a visual artist far longer than I’ve been a dancer. Even in study, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Ceth - Todd Naomi

In terms of my art relating to lindy hop… in the past year I’ve been doing some poster design for events I’ve either run or helped run… falling into the category of Advertising/Poster Art, but certainly not “Fine Art with the theme of lindy hop.”

Ceth - Todd Alice

Ceth - Todd Annie

What has interested people the most though, is something I’ve never made public. It’s essentially a hybrid of a dance notebook and a sketchbook. To be able to work both disciplines at once, I’ve taken to analyzing clips through quick sketches. They’re essentially the equivalent of key frames for an animation. They’re also usually unintelligible to my partners, but for me, they remind me instantly of the movement I was trying to document. Much easier than trying to parse through and reinterpret my words, which sometimes in a dance notebook seem so far removed from dance. Anyway, it would take me a little more time to scan/edit/upload a few of these images if you’re interested in seeing them. I also do have a slight worry over making something public that was never intended to be. Personally, I wouldn’t want my private decisions (in the act of drawing and learning) to be influenced by a theoretical audience, if that makes any sense.

Ceth - Juan Sharon

I’ve always tried to be a bit of a chameleon with my art.  I also generally like polishing things up, so the sketches are much more candid.  I had a couple of teachers when I was younger who encouraged me to draw in pen.  That way you can’t erase your mistakes, it forces you to be more assertive, and after a time, I’ve always preferred it over pencil.


Ceth - Henric Joanna Jessica

Anyway, in the meantime… here’s a site where you can see some of my work: http://cethstifel.com/


Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the Art!


Jo (& Kevin)

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One Response to “April Artist – Day 19 – Ceth Stifel”

  1. Douglas Mathews says:

    While the poster art Is beautiful, there is something very compelling about those sketch drawings. I think the fact that they are used for self reflection adds some personal vulnerability to the drawings.

    As far as a practice exercise goes, I’ve tried something similar myself, though not being an artist they end up looking more like stick figures, and it really does help. I encourage even non-artists to try this.

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