April Artist – Day 17 – Roland MacDonald

Name: Roland MacDonald
City: Utrecht (originally from London. I have been living in the Netherlands for 3 years)

Roland STS CD

How long have you been doing art: Forever! However … I have only been a freelance illustrator for 3 years before that I worked in computer games and was a chef.

roland local bands

Are you a lindy hopper, and if so, how long have you been dancing? I started Lindy Hop in 2005. It has been a big part of my life ever since. I run a lot of the social dancing in Utrecht and the ‘school’ here.

Roland LHFA Merch

What is your medium: I almost entirely work digitally for commercial work (Wacom iMac Photoshop). I enjoy ink drawing for personal work.

SG sticker

Where you hope to go with your art: My business has started booming this last year. Drawing is what I do for work and I love it. Hopefully I can get more picky about my assignments in the future.


Anything else you’d like me/the readers to know about your art? I have done a lot of flyers and other Lindy/Jazz related drawings over the years. These have really helped me learning my craft. Doing the Lindy Hop Fail Awards and watching it go viral was a great moment.

STS - poster

Are you available to make these for people? I am interested in Lindy related projects or anything else but I am pretty busy these days. I would love to do more CD work though.

Contact info:
Website – Rolandtheillustrator.com
Email – roland@rolandtheillustrator.com
Shop – http://society6.com/RolandtheIllustrator/Lindy-Hop-Fail-Awards_Bag#26=197

Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the Art!


Jo (& Kevin)

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