Barcelona – Week 1

Kevin and I are doing a two-month residency in Barcelona, Spain and are already having a great time. Here are some pictures to give you a rough idea of what it’s like being us this week.

travel day

Arriving with copious amounts of luggage

Getting to know the Teaching Staff at Swing Maniacs.

SM teaching staff

Swing Maniacs Teaching Staff: Jordi Mundet, Neus Castells Marcé, Pep Barrachina Aguilar, Ludovico Hombravella Suarez, Ariadna Beltran, Xavier Recuenco Betriu, Pachuco Roll, Lorena Medina Pulido, Emi Garrote Pablo, Jana Grulichova, Guillem Serra, Juanma Gonzalbes, Pep Espígol, Mar Borregan, Jaume De Francisco Guiu, Kevin St. Laurent, Toni Martinez, Elle Brenecki, Ricard Reig Florensa, Alex Parker, Noemí Castell Makosh, Giedre Paplaityte, Jo Hoffberg and Ivan Bouchain

Got to dance a little bit.

teacher demo

Participated in an eating adventure.

f -calcots

The six of us – three Americans, one Lithuanians, and two locals – went to the Sant Cugat Vallès, 25 minutes from the center of Ferrocarril, and ate at Masia Can Borrell. The food is very traditional in the region. For about 36 euros, it’s an All You Can Eat & Drink experience: calçots to start, pan amb tomaquet, barbecue with various types of meat, and dessert. Oh, and let’s not forget all the wine you can pour down your face and onto your bib 😀 And shots of something. And coffee.

What’s the story behind whatever it is you’re doing, you ask? It is a tradition of Catalonia during the winter and early spring to eating grilled calçots (a spring onion cousin). The calçots are grilled until black and served up on paper plates. The waiter will bring paper bibs and plastic gloves; depending on how dainty you’re feeling, you can use all or none of the safety measures. From my experience, I think both are necessary, even though everyone else passed on the gloves.

Kevin showed us the special peeling technique so we could get past the coal-covered outsides and onto the sweet + delicious onion insides. Take the base of the calçots and peel off outer layer. Grab the squishy inside with one hand, and pull the end off with the other hand. Dip the delicious results into the romesco sauce and put into face. Yum.

Videos of wine drinking-fails coming soon.


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