Swingularity 2013

I really, really love my job, particularly when I get to work so closely with a few people and get nerdy!!



Last weekend, Kevin and I got to work with a small group of student in Berlin, Germany and it was SO satisfying! Why:

To give you a better scope of the event, here’s what the organizers have to say about the event:

OUR VISION of Swingularity is a workshop where a group of dancers come together to work intensively on a wide range of dance-related skills for three days. We expect that you are prepared to work hard, and that you’re not shy of spending additional hours in practice sessions between classes. To give you an idea about how much scheduled content there will be; at the moment we’re looking at 10 hours of classes with Kevin & Jo, around 6 hours of practice time in smaller groups and additionally, diverse goodies that will help you grow as a dancer.

OUR GOAL with small group practice is that participants help each other with the material, and that more advanced dancers take on a more mentoring role during these sessions, helping the less advanced dancers to grow faster while also working on internalizing and explaining dance material themselves.

WE ACCEPT ONLY 15 COUPLES for the workshop, and the ideal level distribution for us would be roughly 3 intermediate/advanced couples, 5 advanced couples and 8 advanced plus couples, to give you an idea of what we’re considering at the moment. Please remember that even the intermediate/advanced dancers have to apply for the workshop, and will be selected based on their motivation and willingness to work hard and learn fast.

Soooo much fun!!

After reading through the surveys from the end of the workshop, here are some improvements we’re making for the next one, which is being held April 25-27:

Hope to see you there!!

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  1. Anke Langer says:

    Hello Jo, hello Kevin,

    I am interested in applying for your next Swingolarity Workshop. So far I couldn’t figur out another webside than this one. I hope it will be on April 25-27 2014.
    A friend of mine told me about this workshop. She was partcipating last year and was really happy with it. I know it is not a “partyworkshop” more a possibility to work on me and my dancing. I have joined already some of your classes in Potsdam and on Lindyshock and I really like your way of teaching.
    Are there still spots free for Swingularity 2014 for a follower (level: intermediate/advanced to advanced) I’m dancing almost 6 years now and am teaching quite a wile, too. How much will it cost?
    It would be nice to hear back from you
    cheers Anke

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