Hat Trick Tuesday – Tranky Doo (11/11)

And there you have it Ladies and Gentlemen: The Hat Trick Tranky Doo! If you want to get a copy of the Dipsy Doodle (cut-version), please email one of the Hat Trick members and they should hook you up 😀

Tips (aka Kevin St. Laurent) breaks down the hat trick tranky doo. This choreography was created by Tips & Tops (Kevin St. Laurent & Shesha Marvin, respectively). It’s an add on to the famous Tranky Doo and is meant for everyone to share and perform any where in the world.

Hey Hat Trickers – is there anything you’d like to see? Any type of “sweet hat trick” that you’ve been dying for us to break down for you? If so, please drop us an email at “jo and kevin @ gmail . com” (please remove the spaces) and let us know what you fancy.

Want to see this number in action? Here’s Tips & Tops performing this at ILHC 2010.

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