Hat Trick Tuesday – Tranky Doo (7/11)

Keep on practicing!! You’re doing an awesome job!

Tips (aka Kevin St. Laurent) breaks down the hat trick tranky doo. This choreography was created by Tips and Tops (Kevin St. Laurent and Shesha Marvin, respectively). It’s an add on to the famous Tranky Doo and is meant for everyone to share and perform any where in the world. Don’t just learn the routine, be inspired by it and create your own!

Have you decided where you are going to debut your hat tricking skills and get your Hat Trick name? Send Shesha Marvin or Kevin St. Laurent a note on facebook and let them know what you’re up to!


May 14, 2013 | Filed Under: Hat Tricks | Tagged: hat tricks, Kevin St Laurent, Shesha Marvin, Tranky Doo

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