Music Monday – Marching Band’s “And I’ve Never Seen”

Yay Harlem Hot Shots!!! Check them out in this new music video “And I’ve Never Seen” by Marching Band.

The official video of “And I’ve Never Seen”, from Marching Band’s new release And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like That EP.
Featuring the Harlem Hot Shots.
Filmed by Jacob Lind and Anna Johannesson.
Edited by Jacob Lind and Marcus Rosén.
Color and post production by Marcus Rosén.
Dancers: Sakarias Larsson, Frida Segerdahl, Fatima, Jessica Lenartsson, Rikard Ekstrand, Mimmi Gunnarsson, Fredrik Dahlberg, and Pontus Persson

Listen to their album on Amazon here!

I LOVE the Tranky Doo sequence they do. Gaaah, the editing on that is tons of fun 😀 And the section where all the gals are swiveling and the boys are in the center doing Suzie-Q’s….. lovelovelove!!

Here’s an excerpt from Rikard:
It was filmed at Chicago. It was done verry fast. The songwriter, one of the 2 persons in the duo film it with his camera. They are not so well known in Sweden but i think america is more their business. The video is shown on american mtv and their music has been in both How I met your Mother and Scrubs I belive.
It was their idea. They like the Al&Leon video from the playboy show where both them and the audience around them look really relaxed and cool.
So we danced and they film. No re takes just straight up one or two takes on each thing. Then they did the editing themselves. Indie style – No money just pure passion;-)

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