Lone Star Championships at Lindyfest 2013

Some personal highlights of the weekend, captured on film:

Performance on Friday Night

This is the second time we’ve performed this and I have to say and I freaking thrilled that we hit it (particularly in comparison to our first time out). Thank goodness!! And a huge shout out to Ben Lurman for helping with the jacket.

Invitational Jack & Jill

Michael Seguin and Frida Segerdahl

First dance of the competition and clearly the win. I knew it before Frida sat down 😀

Dax Hock and Laura Glaess


Peter Strom and Jo Hoffberg

Kevin St Laurent and Karen Turman

It looks like you can see my response in the background 🙂

Mikey Pedroza & Jo Hoffberg



invt J&J

Frida Segerdahl, Michael Seguin, Dax Hock, Laura Glaess, Nick Williams and Nina Gilkenson


Getting cray-cray

Can you name everyone in there?

All-Star Strictly Finals

Yeah San Francisco!!! Congratulations to Carl and Nicole on their win!

allstar strictly

Carl Nelson, Nicole Zuckerman, Stephen Nathaniel Jean, Dominique Pomeroy and Stacia Martin


All-Star Jack & Jill Finals

Congratulations Michael Gamble and Vanessa Shields!!

allstar J&J finals

Michael Gamble, Andrew Hsi, Teni Lopez-Cardenas, Joanna Lucero and Dominique Pomeroy

Advance Jack & Jill Finals

Congratulation Andrea Gordon and Jerry Foote!!

adv J&J finals

Andrea Gordon, Jerry Foote, David Lee, Maggie Martin, Nicole Zuckerman and Daniel Newsome


I had a great time at Lindyfest, and as usual, the dancing was off the hook. I was impressed to see so many competitors come out and throw down – good on all of ya!! Thanks for having Kevin and me and I’ll see y’all next year!

breakfast with close friends

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