Le Jazz Night – Opened Feb 14

In the process of trying to put up some new blog posts, I came upon this!! Looks like some of you lucky Stockholm people have 3 more opportunities to go and see this awesome show!


with Christopher Mair, Fredrik Dahlberg, Hornsgatan Ramblers, Paupau, Anders Huss, Pauline PauPau Högberg, Sakarias Larsson, Sebastian Svensson, Wilhelm Novák, Rikard Ekstrand and Rikard Lilja.

Filming and editing: Rikard Lilja http://www.rikardlilja.com/

vänner! :D — with Emil Håkansson, Sebastian Svensson, Rikard Ekstrand, Sakarias Larsson, Christopher Mair and Fredrik Dahlberg at Le Rouge presents tonight ,PAUPAU and Hornsgatan Ramblers.

Emil Håkansson, Sebastian Svensson, Christopher Mair and Fredrik Dahlberg at Le Rouge presents. PAUPAU and Hornsgatan Ramblers.


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