Februhairy Day 1 – Chinese Staircase Ponytail

Ladies, it’s that time of year again when bust out your bobby pins and try new, crazy things with your hair!! I know what you’re saying, “But Jo, I don’t know how to do my hair!” Fear not ladies, that is exactly why you are here. For the next month, I’ll bring you tutorial-a-day so that you too, will know how to fancyyourselfup!

So let’s get started!!

This style requires that you have medium to long hair. You do not need to have any prior experience in braiding, so I’d consider this a beg/int hairstyle.

Alright ladies, enjoy playing with your hair and do send pictures to info @ joandkevin . com so I can see how you’re doing. If you have any request, please feel free to send them along. 😀

chinese staircase

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