Februhairy Day 17 – Upside-down French Braid

♥ Hey lovelies!! Get ready to hang your head upside down – it’s time to French Braid!!! ♥

If you’re short on time, jump ahead to 1:14 and check out how’s Lela does this.

If you need a friendly reminder, click here to see a breakdown of how to french braid.

Otherwise, here’s a picture of me doing something very, very similar with my hair:

Day 17 - Upside Down Braid + folded ponytail

I didn’t have a sock bun on me that day, so instead, I made the top into a bun-like thing. How to:

♥ Once you get to the crown of your head with your french braid (or in my case, a reverse french braid), continue braiding it until you reach the end.
♥ Put an elastic around the end of your braid.
♥ Pull all of your hair up (braided and unbraided section) and fold/roll it down towards your head (think of how you’d roll up a sleeping bag if you were in a slight hurry.)
♥ Wrap hair on one side around the back of your elastic.
♥ Pin into place.


I’d love to see how your coming along with all of these. Feel free to send pictures to info @ jo and kevin . com (please remove the spaces) and let me see your hair looking fabulous!!

Want more pictures of fancy hair, then check out my Pinterest account!

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