Februhairy Day 16 – French Braid Ponytail

Oh, this is so pretty!! I’ve seen countless pictures of this hairdo, but didn’t understand where the french braid started and stop. Fortunately for me, I do now!! Ya think you can do it?!!


If you do this hairstyle on yourself it´s much easier to do it on a side ponytail!

1. Put your hair in a ponytail, high, low, side, it´s up to you! Then take a piece of hair and cover the elastic band, secure with a bobby pin. (I personally think this is optional. If you don’t want a plain rubber band showing, grab a fancy one and do-it-up!)

2. Start the french braid and incorporate only hair from up. For a tutorial on how to french braid your own hair check out this tutorial.

3. Continue to braid normally whitout incorporating more hair.

4. Twist the braid around the ponytail on the back.

5. Continue the french braid on the front exactly the same way as before.

Continue as many times around the ponytail as your hair allows and then secure with a small elastic!

I’d love to see how your coming along with all of these. Feel free to send pictures to info @ jo and kevin . com (please remove the spaces) and let me see your hair looking fabulous!!

Want more pictures of fancy hair, then check out my Pinterest account! Otherwise, here’s an idea of how you could take this to the next level.

braided ponytailHave fun braiding!!


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