Februhairy Day 11 – French Braid

This is a classic hairdo that every gal should know how to do. I remember back in middle school, most of the popular girls wore french braids in their hair. I thought it looked so cool, but never bothered to learn how to do it. A few years back, when I started Februhairy, I vowed that I, too, would be able to rock the French Braid. While learning how to do this, I remember my arms would get tired well before I’d make it to the end. Fortunately now, I can put my hair up in significantly less time. 😀

Don’t worry if you didn’t get it the first time – you’re not supposed to. Keep trying, and continue to try until it becomes as easy as braiding. If you already have it down, how about trying this:

Day 11 - French Braid

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