Happy Birthday Tommy & Alice!!!

Happy Birthday Tommy & Alice!!!! Some of my favorite pictures of my fashionable friends! xx

Alice, you’ve been a fashion icon of mine for quite some time. Not too surprising, it all started when I lived in Montpellier in 2007. I love that you take chances with your style, wear fascinators and bows, and I love that you’ve inspired me to consider prints. Happy Birthday doll. xx

Tommy, you bring such a wonderful spirit and energy to life and to the dance. It’s been such a pleasure watching you grow as a person and dancer since the first time we danced in 2005. Keep being your fabulous self!! Happy Birthday man 😀

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  1. Alice says:

    Thank you so much for this little gift! I am so glad that i can count you as one of my friend and happy to hear that my shopoholism hasn’t been pointless.
    You are a smart and generous women Jo and i love being around you and kev.
    I’ll see you soon somewhere on the globe(sounds fancy right?).

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