Music Mondays – St. James Ballroom

I want to be kissed in St. James Ballroom! Alice Francis, the singer of the catchy tune, is even better looking than she sounds. She has an adorable, blonde marcel and a great wardrobe! If you are interested in a beaded flapper dress after watching this video, you’re in good company 😀 click either here or here and you’ll be directed to two sites that will get you started.

Much to my surprise, Max Pitruzzella and Claudia Joyal Laplante were dancing in the video! As the story goes, Claudia and Max flew to Berlin and filmed all the dance scenes in one day. The man who plays Claudia’s date is actually a really well know German actor who use to star in a criminal/police/detective tv show. I unfortunately don’t know who he is. Anyone?

“All the actors and extras had costumes and props that were chosen by the stylist for the shoot but Max and I were asked to come with our own costumes (I guess they knew we probably had vintage clothes hanging in our closets!) I actually had brought some other dresses as options for the shoot, but I arrived early in Berlin the day before and decided to go shopping. I found this at Zara and thought it was just perfect for the 20’s themed videoclip, it was just a lucky find! ” – Claudia

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