Lindy Shock 2012

Here are some video highlights from one of the best dancing weekends in Europe!

Teacher Demo

I’ll be honest, this is one of my favorite Teacher Introductions we have done! If you want to fast forward to check it out, go to 4:14 to check us out 😀 HAhah, and yes, that was a rather interesting variation I did on the ground. As I recall, that move was all the rage back in SF in 2000. Yup….that’ll date me :p

Fancy Beer

As a crowd favorite, Steven Coombs knows when it’s time to pander to the audience. And to Kevin St. Laurent. Just check out his (now) traditional stage dive starting at 3:28. Once Steven cranked up the tempo, Kevin leapt on stage and motioned for all the tall lads to come towards him in order to float him across the audience. Well played sir.

Fabulous performance by Lithuania’s Egle Regelskis & Pamela Gaižutytė

If you have never heard or seen these lovely lasses before, now you have. They are from Lithuania. They are gorgeous. They are talented. And to boot, they are great human beings. ‘Nuf said!

Winners of the Strictly Contest

Winners of the Jack & Jill Contest

Rudolf Wolfsgruber and Daria Chupyrkina

Just in case you aren’t yet swayed into believing that this is one of the great events, I’ll throw a personal tidbit your way. I, Jo Hoffberg, love this event. The top dancers in Europe attend it. They even take classes there! There are 13 levels of classes, 22 teaching couples, 800 students, 200 night passes, 100 late-night passes, performances, competitions, outstanding music, great dance floors, and 4 rooms to dance on between the two boats. And yes, you get to sing “I’m on a boat” and it’ll be legit! Some other fun fact: it’s in Budapest – which is clearly where fairytales were written – and the dollar/euro goes a long way there. Suh-weet!! Long of the short of it, if you thinking about going next year, register as soon as you can. After that, just get ready to attend one of the greatest Lindy Hop events in Europe!

Want more videos? Check out the official Lindy Shock 2012 playlist created by the organizer, otherwise, check out the teaching line-up.

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