The Cupcake – Aerial

Hey hey, awesome person!! It was great seeing so many of you at the aerial workshop ! As I promised, here is the history on The Cupcake!

The first time Kevin and I saw this aerial, Jeremy Otth and Laura Keat threw it during the Strictly at Camp Hollywood in 2008. I remember being totally floored by how freaking cool it was!

Check out Laura & Jeremy’s routinelette. “The Cupcake” makes it’s first lindy appearance around 4:52.

A few months later, Kevin and I asked Jeremy & Laura about the aerial and they told us they saw it on So You Think You Can Dance, loved it, and then figured out how to lindy-fied it. Super cool. Here’s is the SYTYCD performance where it was debuted:

Around 1:20, you’ll see the aerial!

While at Herrang 2009, Kevin and I decided we wanted to learn it. After a few exciting tries (heheh, if you’ve tried the aerial, you’ll be able to commiserate), we finally had something worth showing. We debuted our version of it at Lindy Focus that December. After throwing this aerial in a jam, we finally figured out what we were going to call the aerial.

The magic…OUR magic happens around 2:07. P.S. There are lots of fun things to see from this clip.

You see, that fabulous dress I am wearing is rather cupcake-like and you might notice, when I land on Kevin’s shoulders, his head has disappeared. He is inside my cupcake dress. Hence…cupcake.

You’re welcome.


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  1. Rachel Dowling says:

    Love the Pro Lindy video from 2008! Thanks for posting, Jo!

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