Music Mondays – Candy Man

Yup, another video from a pop princess. This week we have Christina singing Candyman. Dang it, it’s catchy!

Did you notice Benji Schwimmer in it?

Fun Facts:

Candyman was shot in Spain by director Matthew Rolston with Christina Aguilera, via Radical Media, with director of photography Crash and producer Barbara Benson. Editor was David Checel at Cut+Run.

Visual effects for Candyman were developed at RIOT, using artists from Santa Monica and New York. For the USO sequence, Aguilera was shot three times with a motion control camera. Not only does Aguilera sing, she also performs the jitterbug and had to repeat the dance moves exactly for the performances to match. RIOT’s team of compositors then had the task of rotoscoping the singer’s image on a virtual frame by frame basis to create all of the necessary matte elements. –

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