Karen Turman

Two weeks ago, my dear friend Karen Turman drove up from Santa Barbara to attend the San Francisco Lindy Exchange and kick it with friends. Fortunately for me, she brought a slew of fun-n-fancy clothes so we could play dress up!!

Saturday was the big day. We got up and had one of those mornings where nothing went right. Public transportation was late, coffee took forever, people weren’t happy, and so on. Yet somehow, we managed to pull ourselves together, turned those frowns upside down, and went for tea.

Don’t we look great?!! Hahaha, I thought we did 😀 Needless to say, we were the fanciest people at Lovejoy’s Tea Room that afternoon. Not only was the food delectable, but the conversation was just what I needed. Karen said some wildly inspiring things to me about the roll that lindy hop plays in people’s lives and reminded me what an incredible community we are apart of. I’m very grateful for all of her kind words, and so in return, I wanted to share how incredible she is with you. 🙂

Her accomplishments far exceed what I have included below, but here are a few that have been captured and immortalized on the tubes.

The Evolution of Lindy Hop

There is an epic story behind this labor of love, and I’d encourage you to check out Jerry’s blog and read about how incredible this piece really was. There is so much to say about this routine, but I think it’s best said by Karen herself. Please check it out!  Reuben Brown has created a playlist on youtube of all of the clips, and Ben Yau has written a thorough blog based on the historical significance of each clip that was chosen.

Lindy Hop from the Country

Lindy Focus IX – Zoot Suit

Lindy Focus VIII – Barbershop

Single Ladies 2009

Isn’t she amazing? I certainly think so.

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