SF Girl Jam 2012

This past weekend I was invited to teach at SF Girl Jam, a fantastic event presented by The 9:20 Special and Epic Swing. I had the pleasure teaching along side: Laura Keat, Gabby Cook, Giselle Anguizola, Amanda Sharp, Ann Mony, Audrey Kanemoto, Heidi Fite, Jean Ma, Jenna Chalmers, Nicole Frydman, and Manu Smith.

Girl Jam celebrates women’s artistic achievements in traditional jazz dance and music history with the intention of inspiring today’s jazz-loving female artists in a supportive, collective learning environment. The focus on communication between artists in jazz dance and music culture to improve one’s personal self-expression and musical awareness is a fundamental aspect of the jazz tradition, and this is what Girl Jam aims to foster in a welcoming, communal atmosphere.

Giselle Anguizola created the first California Girl Jam in 2005 to celebrate the role of women in vernacular jazz dance and to provide the swing dance community with a workshop devoted entirely to the follower’s perspective. In collaboration with Jojo Jackson, www.girljam.us was created to spread this concept. Since the California debut, there have been eleven Girl Jams and dozens of follower-focused dance events that have been hosted in nearly every region of the United States, as well as in countries abroad.

I had a blast at Girl Jam. Here’s a wildly brief rundown of some personal hightlights:

Now onto the video portion of this post!

SF Girl Jam Performance from rik panganiban on Vimeo.

Big shout out to Nicole Zuckerman for doing the choreography, getting all of us to rehearse, and helping with costuming! Another shout out to Nicole Fryman for creating an event where we gals could perform, and for snagging last minute costume pieces.

This delightful piece was originally choreographed by Mikey Pedroza and he and Laura performed it this year at Lindy on the Rocks. He was kind enough to let us revamp the piece for two ladies. I think we did it justice đŸ˜€

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