Swingin’ At the Savoy – Competition

This past Saturday, Swingin’ At the Savoy had an Invitational Jack & Jill competition and a great team of people were invited to compete (i.e. perform) for the crowd, along with Norma Miller and Chazz Young. Our partners were chosen by random draw, then we were divided into two teams. The teams battled and the winners were chosen. That team was then divided into two, and then there was another battle. Finally, it was wittled down to two couples and the final battle ensued. Trevor Gattis & Kristin Sorci went head to head with Kevin St. Laurent and Jean Ma and it was epic!

In the end, only one couple was left standing. I am not sure if it was the unrehearsed aerials or the swing out where she was riding him like a horse, but Kevin and Jean came out victorious.

Video coming soon!


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